Altos los Cafetales

Altos Los Cafetales Residential Community in Puriscal

Discover Costa Rica’s newest international community

Costa Rica International CommunityLocated in a quiet area in the district of Barbacoas, Puriscal, Altos Los Cafetales is a community that stands out from all others.
We have taken this beautiful 76.35 acre piece of land and divided it into lots between 1/2 and 1 1/2 acres while reserving extensive common green areas for the enjoyment of all. The result is a series of spacious parcels allowing for multiple uses and guaranteed privacy. The very gentle terrain maximizes its use creating an open palette for any plans you may have including guest homes, swimming pools, ranchos, playgrounds, studios and more. Mature trees throughout the development provide shade and refuge for an assorted array of birds and other unique wildlife.

Costa Rica, Central Valley View at Night.imgThe sweeping views to the Central Valley are as dramatic by day as by night and this open exposure, coupled with the fresh altitude creates an ideal ambiance year round. Local produce vendors, typical restaurants and well stocked mini-markets are mere minutes away in the adorable town of Barbacoas, and Santiago is just 12 minutes away. The thrills of the city and calm of Pacific beaches are also readily accessible. All combined, Altos Los Cafetales is the ideal place, ready to satisfy all of your needs.

Development Amenities

Committed to making a truly enjoyable community for all

Already, Altos Los Cafetales offers tranquility within beautiful common green belts. The long term vision includes even more recreational amenities. While we are busily making headway, we are keeping our lot prices below market prices. What an opportunity!


A Generations Old Coffee Producing Farm

Costa Rica, Coffee Fields.imgLike other Central American countries, Costa Rica’s economic and industrial progress was opened up by the production and exportation of coffee in the late 18th Century. Since that time, coffee plantations have remained an important aspect of the cultural heritage of Costa Ricans. The bounty it has yielded throughout generations has brought families and neighbors together in what was traditionally a community effort and ritual up to the very roasting and enjoyment of these delicious berries.

Costa Rica, Coffee Plant.imgYou too can enjoy and preserve the local heritage of this agricultural tradition by maintaining your own part of the generations old plantation at Altos Los Cafetales. When grown in shade, coffee helps to preserve the native flora and fauna and in Costa Rica, in particular, coffee is an ecologically friendly crop as it requires no irrigation, as demanded in other drought prone parts of the world, and can be sustained organically.

Costa Rica, Coffee Beans.imgThis excellent feature at Altos Los Cafetales provides a great potential for a relaxing hobby or small business with your personal signature. We also offer the option of managing your coffee while still leaving you with a percentage of it’s profits which can be applied towards your care taker’s salary or if you prefer a fun excursion to the beach.

“Ah! How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than muscatel wine!” – “Coffee Cantata”, J.S. Bach