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How to buy land in Costa Rica anwers to common quetstions on purchasing property in Puriscal.

How To: choose a lot and build site for your new Costa Rican home.

Although this is similar to the other post it is good to create different/backup content. No copy and paste, but...

Costa Rica how much land do you really need to buy.

How much land do you really need in Costa Rica?

More guidelines on how to choose a lot, maybe discuss setbacks. Use this are to describe what challenges they will...

Costa Rica: how to get started, what to bring what to leave behind when moving to Puriscal

Getting started in Costa Rica

What things should they bring with them, what can they leave behind. Most important considerations when retiring in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Carrying costs and maintenance fees as they relate to home ownership in Puriscal

Carrying Costs: The true price of home ownership.

Explain the low cost of ownership and compare to other projects, condo fees, membership fees as well as the costs...

Building your Costa Rican Home a guide that will take you step by step through the process.

Step by Step: How to build your home in Costa Rica

Explain briefly what the process of construction is in Costa Rica and how Altos can help buyers through this process....

Buying a lot or a homesite in Costa Rica is a big decision, here is some guidelines to follow to make sure you end up with your ideal property.

What to look for when purchasing land in Costa Rica?

Help the buyers by explaining what is truly important, what considerations need to be made.

Help in making the decision on whether you are better off buying an exsiting home in Puriscal or building the home of your dreams on one of the remaining lots available.

Buy a Home or Build One: Which is right for you?

Helpful information on determining which is right for you.